Raymond Ausrotas Secures Favorable Decisions Before State Ballot Law Commission


Ray Ausrotas successfully represented clients on two matters decided by the Massachusetts State Ballot Law Commission following a hearing held on Monday June 13, 2016.   The Commission, chaired by former Appeals Court Justice Rudolph Kass, issued favorable rulings in both cases on Friday June 17, 2016.

In the first, Ausrotas represented Richard DiMeo, a Democratic candidate for Governor’s Councillor in the Sixth District.  One of DiMeo’s opponents, Stephen Borelli, contested 103 signatures on DiMeo’s nomination papers, and appeared at hearing with a handwriting expert in support of his claim.  If Borelli had succeeded, DiMeo would not have appeared on the ballot.  On cross-examination by Ausrotas, among other things, the expert admitted to specific best practices for handwriting testimony — and then conceded he did not follow those practices in forming his opinions.  The Commission denied the challenge, specifically finding the expert “not credible,” leaving a sufficient number of signatures for DiMeo’s name to remain on the ballot for the primary election.

In the second dispute, Ausrotas represented Michael Dash, a constituent challenging the nomination sheets of candidate Keith Anderson, who had been certified to appear on the ballot in the Eighth Suffolk district for State Representative.  Anderson had only secured 150 signatures (the exact minimum amount).  Dash raised objections to 14 signatures in his challenge, based upon unusual nicknames, registered voters not residing at the addresses listed, illegible signatures, and a defaced sheet.  Anderson did not appear or file an answer prior to the hearing.  Ausrotas therefore moved for, and the Commission ordered, a default — resulting in the removal of Anderson’s name from the ballot.

The decisions by the State Ballot Law Commission can be found by clicking on the links 2016.07.12 SBLC 16-01 Decision on Michael Dash, and SBLC 16-2 Decision and Statement of Reasons for Richard DiMeo.