Lisa Arrowood and Jed DeWick Reach $5.25 Million Settlement in Child Brain Injury Case



Lisa Arrowood and Jed DeWick reached a $5.25 million settlement in a medical malpractice lawsuit involving a birth injury.  A pregnant woman arrived at the emergency room showing signs of an infectious process.  She was discharged home without appropriate work-up of her symptoms, and the infection progressed unchecked for over 24 hours.  The woman returned to the hospital the next day, where the infection was finally diagnosed as necrotizing fasciitis, a condition commonly referred to as “flesh-eating bacteria.”  At this point, the woman was septic and required extensive surgeries to remove necrotic tissue from her leg, groin, and abdomen.  Her baby was delivered pre-term, but due to the mother’s sepsis the child had suffered hypoxia and brain injuries, including cerebral palsy.  The child’s severe cognitive impairment will prevent him from ever living independently.  The mother and her husband filed a medical malpractice suit on their child’s behalf against the physicians who failed to diagnose the woman’s dangerous infection before discharging her home.


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