Jed DeWick Authors Article For Boston Bar Journal


Arrowood LLP partner, Jed DeWick, recently penned an article entitled “Point of View of a Small Firm in the ‘Post-COVID’ Environment” which was published in the Boston Bar Journal’s Winter 2023 edition.

In his article, Mr. DeWick describes the challenges that came with having to immediately switch to remote operations due to the sudden onset of COVID, and how the firm and its staff successfully adapted to new processes and procedures.

“The most significant realization for our firm was that we could not only function, but thrive, while working remotely,” writes Mr. DeWick. “Before the pandemic, we were the typical Boston litigation boutique, with attorneys and staff working five days a week in the office.”

Although COVID restrictions are no longer in place, he doesn’t see the firm going back to its completely onsite office operations. The changes the firm was forced to implement turned out to be for the better and are likely here to stay.

He writes, “At this point small firms that continue to adhere to the rigid paradigm of a traditional law firm structure are swimming against the tide…We have learned that there is more than one way to run a law firm and still maintain the constant of delivering high-quality legal services for clients. While there are certainly challenges…this new environment presents a unique opportunity for smaller firms to re-imagine how they do business in a way that meets the needs and expectations of today’s attorneys and staff without compromising the quality of services they deliver to clients.”

Read Jed DeWick’s full article in Boston Bar Journal here.