Lisa Arrowood and Jed DeWick Win $1.9 Million Verdict in Medical Malpractice Trial



Lisa G. Arrowood and Jed DeWick obtained a $1.9 Million ($2.9 Million with prejudgment interest) verdict against obstetrician Debra Knee, M.D., for medical malpractice in Essex Superior Court in January 2009. The verdict included damages for loss of consortium, loss of reasonably expected net income and conscious pain and suffering.


In 2004 Priscilla Jardine was 32 years old and 8 months pregnant with her second child. Mrs. Jardine presented to the emergency room of a local hospital complaining of shortness of breath. The emergency room physician consulted with Mrs. Jardine’s practicing OB/GYN, Debra G. Knee, M.D., for treatment options. Dr. Knee recommended treating Mrs. Jardine with Labetalol, a powerful antihypertensive drug, which was contraindicated for Mrs. Jardine’s condition. Within minutes of being administered the drug, Mrs. Jardine’s blood pressure began to drop to dangerously low levels which caused the loss of her infant’s heart rate on a fetal monitor. As a result, a stat c-section was performed to deliver the baby. Shortly after her daughter’s birth, Mrs. Jardine went into cardiopulmonary arrest. Despite resuscitation attempts, Mrs. Jardine died later that day.


After 8 days of testimony the jury deliberated for less than 5 hours before returning the verdict against Dr. Debra Knee.


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