Boston Globe Spotlights Arrowood Client, Dr. David Sabatini


World-renowned cancer researcher and Arrowood LLP client, Dr. David Sabatini, is the subject of an in-depth Spotlight Team article recently published in The Boston Globe.

Dr. Sabatini, who was forced to resign from his position as principal investigator of his lab at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, is currently involved in a high-profile civil defamation case against his previous employer and a female researcher who accused him of alleged sexual harassment.

Dr. Sabatini is represented by Arrowood attorneys Lisa G. Arrowood, Edward Foye and Sarah E.A. Sousa.

The two-part Boston Globe investigative article examines the events leading up to Dr. Sabatini’s resignation and the subsequent fallout from the allegations against him.

In its introduction, the article notes “The case remains one of the most polarizing of its kind in science, and raises hard questions: Is there room for lesser penalties in such complex cases? Did Sabatini deserve a second chance?”

Read the first part of The Boston Globe Spotlight Team article here.

Read the second part of The Boston Globe Spotlight Team article here.