$600,000 Settlement Achieved for Man Who Suffered Partial Vision Loss After Laser Eye Surgery



Lisa Arrowood and Elizabeth Kayatta achieved a $600,000 settlement for their client, a 50-year-old man who suffered partial vision loss in his right eye following several laser eye surgeries.  The man’s pre-surgical medical records showed evidence of pellucid marginal degeneration (“PMD”), a condition of the cornea in which there is inherent weakness that is incompatible with a good outcome from laser surgeries.  In spite of this, the man’s ophthalmologist performed multiple laser eye surgeries, including astigmatic keratectomy (AK), LASIK enhancement, and YAG capsulotomy.  The procedures left the patient with worsened vision, and even with corrective lenses he found it difficult to drive or to perform work on his computer.  Settlement of the medical malpractice lawsuit against the ophthalmologist was reached in advance of trial.


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