Lisa Arrowood and Jed DeWick Obtain $3M Settlement in Kernicterus Case



Lisa Arrowood and Jed DeWick obtained a $3 Million settlement in a case in which it was alleged that a neonatal intensive care unit nurse administered a massive overdose of pancuronium bromide, or Pavulon, to a patient who was born prematurely at 24 weeks. As a result of the overdose, the baby boy remained paralyzed for approximately 24 hours. By the time the child was 2, it was apparent to his treating physicians that he was displaying signs and symptoms of kernicterus.


Plaintiffs’ experts were expected to testify that the overdose of pancuronium bromide caused the patient to develop kernicterus and would have pointed out that the package insert for the generic pancuronium bromide warns that excessive exposure to the drug can cause kernicterus, especially in pre-term infants. The parties agreed to mediate the case. The child died after the first day of mediation and the case settled shortly thereafter.


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