Raymond Ausrotas Secures Dismissal of Out of State Case Involving Successor Liability Claim



In a long-running asbestos action pending in Connecticut, Raymond Ausrotas recently convinced the plaintiffs to voluntarily dismiss their claims against his client without any settlement payment, prior to any dispositive summary judgment briefing.  In addition, given a reservation of rights by the client’s insurers, an agreement concerning legal expenses was negotiated at the outset of the action and the costs of litigation were effectively controlled throughout.  The client, Package Supply Corporation, is a Massachusetts company, which had been added to the lawsuit very late.  Following an initial jurisdictional challenge, using both formal and informal discovery, this result was achieved on the basis that a successor liability claim would not ultimately prevail under either Connecticut or Massachusetts law.  The dismissal was made and docketed with prejudice, meaning it is a final result in the client’s favor.