Boston Globe Covers Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filing



Today’s Boston Globe detailed a lawsuit that Arrowood Peters attorneys recently filed on behalf of the family of a 24-year-old man who drowned in Boston Harbor after being ejected from a downtown bar.  The lawsuit alleges that on February 8, 2014, Eric Munsell was out with friends celebrating his birthday at the Market bar and lounge in Boston.  After a Market staff member observed Eric stumbling and bumping into other patrons in the bar, the bouncer  grabbed him and ejected him from the premises.  Although temperatures were below freezing, Eric was not permitted to retrieve his jacket from the coat check.  Market employees made no attempt to locate Eric’s friends or to otherwise ensure his safety when ejecting him from the bar.  Eric stumbled away from the bar, weaving unsteadily on his feet without any jacket while the bouncer stood and watched him leave.  Surveillance videos show Eric weaving across the sidewalk with his arms wrapped across his chest for warmth, and witnesses reported seeing Eric falling into snowbanks.  In his intoxicated and disoriented state, Eric wandered into Boston Harbor, where he drowned.  His body was recovered from the harbor on April 23, 2014.  Eric’s family filed suit against the companies that own and operate Market, alleging that the bar owed a duty of reasonable care to prevent foreseeable harm to their patrons both on and off the premises.  The lawsuit states that Market was negligent by failing to take reasonable steps when removing Eric, a visibly intoxicated person, from the premises.  Eric’s family is represented by Lisa Arrowood, Jed DeWick, and Elizabeth Kayatta.


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