Employment Litigation

  • Overview

    The attorneys at Arrowood LLP have a range of experience in employment litigation. They have represented both employers and employees in most areas of employment litigation. Their experience ranges from sexual harassment, gender, age and disability discrimination, to wage and hour disputes and to disputes on non-competition agreements and other restrictive covenants. They have handled cases at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and at the United States Department of Labor.

    Attorneys at Arrowood LLP have represented clients in many geographical areas and different industries. They have handled non-compete/non-solicitation cases for many employers, including an international financial services company, a national discount retailer, as well as a small employee leasing company. They have both prosecuted and defended gender discrimination, age discrimination and disability discrimination cases.

    Attorneys at Arrowood LLP have also handled numerous wrongful termination claims, including whistle blower and Sarbanes-Oxley claims, on behalf of both employers and employees in various industries. What sets Arrowood LLP attorneys apart is that each of the attorneys is an accomplished trial lawyer, able to present an employment case to a judge, jury, state or federal agency or arbitrator. Their known ability to successfully try cases not only results in good outcomes at trial, but also in excellent settlements on behalf of their clients.

    Arrowood LLP attorneys have both prosecuted and defended employment claims outside of litigation and have negotiated complex severance packages for both employers and employees. In addition to representing clients in the corporate arena, their attorneys have expertise in representing lawyers at law firms, as well as physicians employed by hospitals or by physician groups, in connection with complex employment disputes and severance packages.

  • Cases & Results
    • Represented a physician in a gender discrimination case against her employers who was treated differently from her male counterparts in promotion and in other respects and achieved a settlement of over $1,000,000.
    • Represented a woman in a gender discrimination case against a national discount retailer whose non-management job was eliminated in a reduction in force and obtained a settlement of over $800,000.
    • Represented the owner of an insurance business whose franchise was terminated based on pretextual allegations and obtained a settlement of in excess of $1 Million mid-arbitration.
    • Represented a woman in a gender discrimination case against a for-profit hospital chain, obtaining a settlement in the high six-figures.
    • Represented a financial services worker whose employer terminated him and deemed substantial amounts of deferred compensation forfeited. Obtained a pre-trial eight-figure settlement on behalf of the employee.
    • Represented a woman suffering from breast and uterine cancer who was demoted and then terminated by her employer after returning from leave for her mastectomy and obtained a settlement of approximately $775,000.
    • Obtained summary judgement on behalf of a well-known financial services institution on an employee’s claims of wrongful termination and unpaid year-end bonuses.
    • Represented a hotel in a sexual harassment case in which the co-defendant harasser, a high-level hotel employee, admitted the harassment, including nonconsensual sexual relations and achieved a settlement in which our client contributed only $100,000 with half paid by insurance.
    • Represented a female research scientist against Dana Farber Cancer Institute, resulting in a successful verdict after a three-week trial on gender discrimination claims.
    • Represented two law firms in which partners were accused of sexually harassing administrative employees, and secured low value settlements in each.
    • Represented different individuals accused of sexual harassment and/or discrimination while working for different firms in the financial services industry, and negotiated their continued employment, payment of their defense costs by their employers, and a settlement with no contribution from our clients.
    • Represented numerous women in sexual harassment cases where settlements in the six figures were achieved quickly without ever filing a formal claim or lawsuit.
    • Represented a scientist in a gender discrimination case and obtained a $1,000,000 settlement.
    • Represented a national retailer in an action brought against a former senior management employee to recover six figures paid in sign-on bonus and relocation expenses, and recovered the entire amount our client sought.
    • Represented numerous clients in all types of industries, including financial services, retail, high tech and professional staffing services in successfully enforcing non-competition and non-solicitation agreements.