$150,000 Settlement to 12-Year-Old who Suffered Post-Appendicitis Damage



Lisa G. Arrowood reached a $150,000 settlement on behalf of a 12-year-old girl who suffered a ruptured appendix after being incorrectly diagnosed with constipation at the emergency room.  The physician’s notes indicate that that girl’s pain was “periumbilical” and “worsen[ed] with movement,” symptoms consistent with acute appendicitis. However, no abdominal ultrasound or CT scan was ordered, and the girl was discharged home.  Two days later, she was still in severe pain and could not walk. Her mother called 911 and she was brought back to the same emergency room, where a CT scan showed that she had a ruptured appendix.  The girl underwent a laparoscopic appendectomy and was transferred to the pediatric floor, where she developed a post-operative ileus.  This bowel obstruction was treated with the insertion of a NG tube with benzocaine spray, which led to the girl developing methemoglobinemia, cyanosis, and acute respiratory distress. She was transported to another hospital for evaluation and follow-up procedures to treat abdominal abscesses.  The settlement was reached at a pre-suit mediation.


For more information on the settlement, read the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Settlement Report.