Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Article Features Recent Trial Victory



Today’s Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly cover story features a recent jury trial victory by Jed DeWick and Elizabeth A. Kayatta.  The article concerns the recently enacted state law permitting attorneys to request a specific amount of damages from the jury during civil trials.  Previously, attorneys were not permitted to suggest any specific dollar amounts to the jury, beyond quantifiable amounts for medical expenses and lost earnings.  Earlier this year, Jed and Elizabeth were some of the first attorneys in the state to try a case to verdict after the new law went into effect.  In his closing argument on behalf of his client, Jed suggested $800,000 in damages, but emphasized that the final amount of damages was still up to the men and women of the jury to decide.   The jury ultimately awarded the plaintiffs $1.1 million in damages.  “I’d like to think that suggesting an amount that was completely reasonable helped us get the verdict we got,” Jed said in a quote to Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.


For more information, read the complete Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly article.