Lisa G. Arrowood Assists ABA Committee to Evaluate Nominee Amy Coney Barrett


Arrowood LLP partner, Lisa G. Arrowood, has been selected as a member of the practitioners’ reading group assisting the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary with its evaluation of United States Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

The ABA’s Standing Committee evaluates the professional qualifications of every judicial nominee to the Article III and Article IV federal courts and provides the Senate Judiciary Committee with an independent, nonpartisan peer evaluation. The goal of the committee is to encourage the selection of the best-qualified individuals for the federal judiciary.

As a member of the practitioners’ reading group, Ms. Arrowood will review Judge Barrett’s opinions related to specific civil and criminal cases, and provide a written assessment of the nominee’s integrity, professional competence and judicial temperament. The evaluation process is strictly impartial and limited to assessing professional qualifications; members of the reading group do not consider any nominee’s philosophy or ideology.

Ms. Arrowood’s assessment, along with the assessments of other members of the practitioners’ reading group, will be instrumental in helping ABA’s Standing Committee prepare its final evaluation of Judge Barrett’s professional qualifications prior to the start of the Senate confirmation hearing.