Lisa Arrowood Wins $2.4 Million in Medical Malpractice Trial



Lisa Arrowood obtained a $1.6 Million verdict ($2.4 Million with prejudgment interest) against Dr. Dorina Abdulah for medical malpractice in Suffolk Superior Court in March 2010. The verdict included damages for loss of consortium, emotional distress, and conscious pain and suffering.


In July 2001, Dr. Dorina Abdulah examined Antwoine Key for purposes of providing medical clearance for him go to college where he had a basketball scholarship. At that time, Dr. Abdulah noted on the physical examination form for college that there was a “slight systolic murmur” in his heart, an abnormality commonly associated with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). HCM is a congenital heart defect known to cause sudden death in athletes and often disqualifies them from participating in collegiate sports. However, Dr. Abdulah signed the college medical clearance form, stating that he was in “excellent health” with no “physical restrictions” without learning the cause of Antwoine’s heart murmur.


In January 2005, Antwoine Key suddenly collapsed to the floor and became unresponsive while playing in a college basketball game in Worcester, MA. Emergency medical personnel soon arrived and attempted to revive him with defibrillation shocks and CPR. He was then taken to a hospital where further attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. He died of HCM at only 22 years old – four months shy of earning his degree from Eastern Connecticut State University. After 8 days of testimony the jury deliberated for 5 days before returning a verdict against Dr. Dorina Abdulah.


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